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A Creative Re  minder Of Noticing Your Maker!

If you think spiritual warfare, miraculous healings, hearing Gods voice and the power of prayer are mere fiction, think again!

Misty McGlugritch a 25-year-old mother of three diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer. When she was instantly healed at a Carman concert after discovering she had the cancer when she heard a voice tell her to watch the 700 Club, a TV show she had never before heard of.

God spoke to Misty in an audible voice telling her “You will not die, you will live, I have things for you to do.”
For many years, God has been using Misty to create unforgettable powerfully moving acronyms that speak to people on issues of today. Her acronyms have been compiled in a lovely book worthy of gift giving.

Each acronym in her book is beautifully illustrated and accompanied with relevant scripture to enlighten, encourage and teach.

A testimony of God's healing from melanoma at a Carman concert.  [Read the Story]

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